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Dukes Experience Reunion 2017

A Message from Dukes Experience Reunion:

Dear Dukes A Listers,

Thank you all for buying tickets for the Dukes Experience Reunion, the response has been absolutely incredible.

As you are our 'A' Listers who have been the first to purchase tickets for this event, we feel you should have the first opportunity to take advantage of a really special package we have put together. We are offering on a first come first served basis our limited VIP packages for £270, and when we say limited we really do mean just that as there are only six VIP tables available in the room.

This fabulous package includes queue jump, a table for eight guests, one bottle of Belvedere Vodka, along with two one litre bottles of mixers, and two bottles of chilled Prosecco!! You can pre order extra bottles if you wish as the table is yours for the entire reunion....Remember, there are only six tables available so once they have gone - they have gone! Now as you have already purchased your tickets online through Eventbrite, there will be a cost difference between the cost of the tickets and the cost of the package, so this is how you book......Firstly Contact Paul Marks via email expressing your interest and he will explain the next stage.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but when we first put the plan together for the reunion at Chelmsford City Racecourse, we did not think we wold be able to have a dedicated VIP area for those who wanted one - however - with the expertise of James, our organiser and Planner Extraodinaire, six wonderful tables have appeared on the floor plan!

In the coming weeks Paul Ryan will be writing to you with his notorious updates in the way only the author and editor of the original Dukes Experience Newsletter warned 'Nibble Nobby's Nuts' springs to mind!! (Dont Nibble Nobbys - Nibble Ours!!)

From all the Reunion Team we look forward to meeting you in person on the 25th November.

All the Best

Paul, Paul, Paul, Pete,and our event organiser James :)

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