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The Club 1996 - as shown on Anglia TV Part 1

Your introduction to Dukes where Paul Ryan the General Manager talks about the atmosphere and the popularity of the club - DJ Pete Ferrant builds up the Thursday night and Rachael Bartlett has her birthday party, Andy Hinds proposes on the DJ stand to Nicky Stemp and Caroline and Richard Harrison and Rhonda and Mark Healey all tell the story of how they got together in Dukes and married - where are they all today? Head Potman Bill Smythe who was 76 at the time, talks about how much he loves working in the club, even though he is the oldest employee at Dukes - sadly BIll is no longer with us. Remember Mr 3D the Robot, aka Matt Walters - he is there is full 'Bleep' mode and to this day still dons the makeup and performs in clubs all over the world! This is a programme that brings the memories flooding back.

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