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The Club 1996 - as shown on Anglia TV Part 2

The bits you didn't see during the day - an army of cleaners deal with the aftermath of a Thursday Party Night - knee deep in hats, streamers and party poppers (the type that go bang when you pull them!). The ladies loos in all their dubious glory - complete with discarded underwear. Be reminded of the Drinks of Dukes at the time - K Cider, Two Dogs, Bacardi Breezers and Mississippi Steamer!! It was the middle of January and the film crew had Paul Ryan and DJ Paul Marks water skiing on the river Crouch at South Woodham Ferrers - it was bloody freezing! Rob Needham your friendly local builder gets ready for his Friday night at Dukes (if anyone knows Rob, bring him along to the Garden Party in July, we will buy you a drink or two if you get him there!) - Nicola Penny is filmed at her bedroom mirror putting on the makeup, and the girlies all turn up ready for a night out. Much flesh is exposed as Dukes Experience Temporary Tattoos are slapped on any body part that is offered, and our Door Defenders deal with a couple of 'Naughty Boys'!

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